Naked Into The Storm

Image courtesy of Meta-Man (Flickr).

Image courtesy of Meta-Man (Flickr).

Many, of course, will rant and rave against the garment fate has woven for them, but they pick it up and don it all the same, and most wear it to the end of their days.  " would rather go naked into the storm.”

I admit that I'm a geek and I love reading epic fantasy.  The above quote comes from The Liveship Traders trilogy by Robin Hobb and when I read it, I was flawed.

I am a sucker for deep, metaphorical quotes that cause me to sit back in awe and wonder how an author could create such art with words.

I also try to relate everything in my personal life to my professional life.  This quote caused me to reflect on the people I help in my bankruptcy practice and more importantly, those that I don’t.

The Clients That Never Were

People get into financial trouble for many reasons.  Sure, some are irresponsible, overspend and live above their means.

I would argue that most people experience financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances out of their control.  These circumstances could come in the form of a medical emergency, loss of employment, divorce, etc.

This is the garment fate has woven for them.

Unfortunately, most people are reluctant to take real action to better their situation.

For every person that hires me to file bankruptcy, five people inquire and never follow through.

They fear the stigma attached to the bankruptcy process.  They irrationally worry about the effect on their credit score.  They incorrectly assume that bankruptcy will impact their ability to find employment or get credit in the future.

Many people choose to muck around in their financial quagmire to the end of their days.

Shedding the Garments of Fate

I always say that those people who choose to file bankruptcy are courageous, trailblazing individuals making difficult but positive choices for themselves and their families.

They are hard working, middle class people who choose to rehabilitate their finances and break the shackles of debt slavery.

It is these individuals who choose to buck fate by going naked into the storm.